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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2007 6:02 pm    Post subject: Forum Rules Reply with quote

Given the rapid growth of the forums so far, we probably should outline a couple of things:

.:. General rules
.:. Buy / Sell / Trade rules
.:. Moderators
.:. Site Admin

General Rules...

This forum has been created and designed to put forum members in touch with other Aristo owners and enthusiasts, as well as reputable businesses.

1 - No bull!
We encourage members to share their experiences with the forum, whether good or bad - but request that all discussions be kept factual. Any opinion based comments or any post that could be considered slander or libel, can and will be removed at the discretion of the moderator / admin team. While we understand that poor service should be shared and forum members warned of shonky and dishonest types, we do believe that there can be two sides to every story and you should not underestimate the damage that a few careless words can do to a business - whether justified or not.

2 - Flavour
Keep things in good humour, flaming of other users will result in editing / removal of posts, and possible suspension / banning of accounts.

3 - Techy
Keep the technical forums clear of off-topic discussion, its a technical forum for a reason.

4 - Not me, Officer Wink
Keep discussion about illegal activities to a minimum, it doesn't usually reflect well upon yourself or the club in general.

5 - Muppet Factor
The bottom line is, don't be a muppet and there wont be any issues.

Buy / Sell / Trade Rules Rules...

1 - Private ads or sponsor businesses only
In order to ensure only reputable businesses are marketing to our members, we prohibit any post from a non authorised business / vendor that seeks to solicit business or market their services. Similarly, we prohibit posts from members that blatantly seek to market a business by circumventing this trader policy.

Any business seeking to market to the member base should contact a forum administrator. management reserve the right to reject any application for commercial trading, at it's absolute discretion.

2 - Post rules:

All posts in the trade forums must:
* include the abbreviations FS: WTB: EOI: where necessary
* MUST have accurate description.
* Item MUST have a designated price ("Offers") is not acceptable.
* Pics are essential - the forums allow you to attach images make sure you do!
* include your first name and phone number.
* include the location of the item for sale.
* include your email address if not visible

3 - Big Deal!
Please do not make unnecessary comments on others trade posts, such as "I can get it for this much at such and such a place, what a rip off etc,etc." . Who cares what you can buy something for? Go and buy it then! Units making posts like this WILL have their post deleted and possibly be spanked

After much deliberation, Aristoman AKA Jamie has been selected as our first official moderator. We were looking for somebody who spent a lot of time actively browsing & posting, yet not being a stooge & causing trouble.

Jamie will be taking care of general moderator duties, in particular editing / deleting inappropriate posts, editing / deleting posts upon request of the authors and making sure the forum rules are adhered to.

Site Admin...
I'm Daniel and as site admin I take care of the forum software, coding in any features we want, etc. I'll field questions about the way the forum operates, suggestions, upgrades and technical issues, and pass of any rule infringement type issues to Aristoman

I think we're off to a great start, generally a new person signing up every day. I had no idea there were so many Aristo's out there, I just don't see them on the road very often, but its nice to be able to bounce ideas & questions off fellow Aristo enthusiasts!

In the interests of keeping this thread clean, I will lock this and ask that any discussion about these rules be placed in the forum feedback thread
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